Cooperative Private Divorce

  • The process begins with an online orientation that describes the principles, safeguards, and  procedures for Cooperative Private Divorce.  
  • The divorcing spouses submit an Intent to Divorce form to a state agency outside the court system, with records kept private.
  • They may choose to employ any advocates and professional support they need. 
  • Any time after a 90 day waiting period, they submit a Declaration of Divorce form with their agreements on the topics involved in their divorce.  
  • There is no third-party review or judicial approval of the agreements other than to ensure that the filing process is complete.
  • The couple then receive a Certificate of Divorce.  All agreements are kept private.   
  • The couple is responsible for documents needed to implement their agreements, such as QDROs, property title changes, etc.
  • The couple may consensually modify their agreements at any time.
  • Either spouse can decide to access the court at any time.

The Cooperative Private Divorce Process